Here are some examples of our work

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Guide to the rail industry

In 2008, we wrote this 200 page guide for the Rail Safety & Standards Board (RSSB) to help operational managers in the UK Rail Industry. It presents a comprehensive compendium of human factors best practice and supporting tools via easy to understand language and diagrams.
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Guide to the shipping industry

In 2010, we wrote this international award winning book for a consortium led by UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency. Via a series of case studies it provides a highly structured guide on human behaviour to ship and shore managers. Many tens of thousands of copies are in now circulation around the world.
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The Human Element: the movie

In 2013, funded by the same MCA-led consortium, we consulted to KVH Media and Pukka Films to produce a major training film drama based on our award winning shipping industry book. The film follows the behaviour of five central characters involved in a fictionalised ship grounding incident. The film also introduces our SUGAR model of human behaviour to help trainees understand how every day human behaviour contributed to the performance of complex, adaptive systems.
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Being Human and Behaving Safely

In 2017, we wrote Being Human in safety-critical organisations: how people create safety, what stops them and what to do about it. Published by TSO, the book provides explanation, clear examples and practical guidance on how organisations can achieve greater resilience by acknowledging the true nature of human beings operating in a world of complexity. It was followed in 2018 by a little booklet based on the main book, giving highly practical guidance for those actually involved in risky work.

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